Joplin vscode display bug-issue

Hi all,

Started using Joplin to study front-end in vscode.
Copy-pasted vscode was beautifully displayed in Joplin.
Added a lot of notes, lot of vscode lines.:+1:

However, after couple days, started having bug issues with Joplin.
Probably related to Toggle editors.

Vscode lines only displayed properly, if Joplin is 'freshly-opened'.
Previous saved vscode lines not displayed anymore, just the ones freshly copy-pasted.
After closing Joplin -> vscode will not be displayed anymore if re-open Joplin.
Only the new-fresh copy pastes displayed correctly.

My notes are very pointless if the copy-pasted vscode in Joplin doesn't display at all :smiling_face_with_tear:
On 'left' Toggle editor it displays, but very terribly structured/ugly.
On the right -> saved vscode of the past has no display at all -except if freshly copypasted.

Anyone knows how to fix this or has an idea about a solution?
Thank you!

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