Joplin 2.7.15 does not print

Joplin 2.7.15 appimage under Linux Mint 20.3,

When I try and print a note, Joplin exits with no message. Log file:

2022/03/18-12:46:39.957 cb9b6 Reusing MANIFEST /home/bert/.config/Joplin/Local Storage/leveldb/MANIFEST-000001
2022/03/18-12:46:39.957 cb9b6 Recovering log #3
2022/03/18-12:46:39.957 cb9b6 Reusing old log /home/bert/.config/Joplin/Local Storage/leveldb/000003.log

Prior versions loaded the window to select a printer. With this version, Joplin just exits.

Are others having this issue? Or would it be something in my system? All other programs print with no problems.

There's an issue on Joplin's GitHub that relates to an upstream bug with Electron where printing causes crashes on Linux.

I have a machine running 2.7.15 on Kubuntu 21.10. With that OS the print dialog appears and it does print, but Joplin just disappears afterwards.

So it seems the problem is Electron. I have a similar problem with 2 other markdown editors: Typora and MarkText.

It would be nice if the Electron team fixed this!

Same environment and problem here too.

I have the same issue with Typora and MarkText. I am sure it has to do with Electron.

I am using same version with appimage on debain based linux distro. The print is working fine here.Though you can export as pdf and print.

Strange. I am using the appimage 2.7.15 it Joplin crashes every time I try to print. And yes, I can get around it by exporting to pdf and then printing.

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