PDF printed Note won't open: "damaged"

I'm not sure if this is a bug or configuration issue:
I'm printing an individual note (using Linux' "save as pdf" selection from the print menu).
The PDF of my note (~70kb size) gets put in the Documents folder, but cannot be opened using the standard linux pdf reader.

I'm using

  • Joplin v 2.8.8
  • I'm using LInux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon 5.6.8;

Joplin is launched via shortcut on desktop using
the appimage:
"/home/____ /.joplin/Joplin.AppImage --no-sandbox %u"

I get the same behavior whether I use the "--no-sandbox" flag or not.

Can someone help me?

I cannot comment on why printing to pdf does not work on your system as I can get working pdfs using this method on my Debian system.

However Joplin has its own way of creating / exporting notes as pdf files. If you right-click on the note in the note list and select "Export" > "PDF - PDF File" you will get a "Save" dialog box. I have noticed that on Linux systems that this dialog may appear under Joplin so if nothing seems to happen keep an eye on the taskbar for the dialog's icon.

It may be a useful test to see if your system can read a pdf created this way.

Using this method means you can export more than one note at a time as a pdf. If you select more than one note in the note list you will see a page of options appear in the right panel, one of which is Export. If you choose pdf you will get a dialog allowing you to select a folder and Joplin will create each note separately in that folder using the note title as a file name.

@dpoulton WOW! done.
before i did your suggestion, i upgraded to 2.12.18 (latest version), and it still had the problem.

So just summing up:
(1) Selecting --> File -->Print from the "main joplin menu", sends you to the LInux system print dialog and selecting "print to pdf" there DOES NOT WORK; {now, mind you, otherwise "print to pdf" from the web browser or other cases like LIbre Office, works fine on my Linux}
(2) right clicking the note WITHIN JOPLIN, and -->Export-->PDF DOES WORK INDEED.

Thank you!

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