Joint account with family member

Joplin Version 2.8.8
Windows 10
Sync with OneDrive

I have installed Joplin (2.8.8) on my Windows 10 machine and synced with my iPhone and other computer through Onedrive. Everythings works well.

Now I try to give my wife (read-write access) to these notes. She has a separate Windows/Onedrive account. I thought I should only share the apps/Joplin folder of my Onedrive with her.

After installing Joplin on her computer, I tried to sync with Onedrive The following message appears "Please open the following URL in your browser to authenticate the application. The application will create a directory in Apps/Joplin" and will only read and write ...." . That was also the case when I synced across devices.

I was required to login to onedrive. Should I login with my Onedrive account or with hers? I first tried with hers but couldn't find any notes visible in Joplin; Then I tried with my account but also without result.Am I doing something wrong or isn't this the correct procedure?


I'm in a similar situation. However, Joplin isn't really meant to be shared like that, so yes, you do need to use your own accounts when sharing notes with one of those services (e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.). The most flexible solution is to use the file system sync option, which isn't tied to any particular service like that.

Thanks for the reply. If I understand you well:

  • I share the apps/joplin of my Onedrive account with my wife
  • On my wife's computer I include this shared folder in het local Onedrive mirror.
    Then , I install Joplin on my wife's computer and set the synchronization to File system and the absolute path to the shared apps/joplin folder

Is this correct?
And how should I do this for her iPhone; because on iPhone you can't choose File system?
Thanks for your time.

Not really, I don't think you can use file system sync like that. You'd need to switch Joplin on all devices to filesystem sync for this to work. However, with iPhone included in the equation, I don't think believe there's any other way than simply logging in with your own account to OneDrive on your wife's devices too.

For future reference.
Syncing multiple users/devices with a DropBox account is easier. You don't need to login in DropBox (as you have to do for OneDrive) and each user/device can obtain an authorisation code from DropBox.
After selecting the Synchronisation Target in Joplin (Tools > Options), you receive a link from Joplin to request the authorisation code at DropBox.

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