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Dear all,
I have access to OneDrive. Could I sync my Joplin via OneDrive across devices?
My OS is MacOS.
Could somebody who has done this, share their procedure?

Thank you.

In the Help it mentions this:

Dont know if you need more?
Btw, the sync is directly, not via local folders of a synced OneDrive in Finder/Explorer.

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Upps, sorry. I have not seen it. I will try it out first of all. Many thanks! "Btw, the sync is directly, not via local folders of a synced OneDrive in Finder/Explorer." - Unfortunately, I don't understand this.

No worries, I just wanted to be sure.

OneDrive for MacOS can be 'mounted', meaning you can access it as a regular folder in your Finder.
Instead of just via an OneDrive app or the browser.

Lets say you save a photo from Adobe Photoshop. Instead of saving it to a normal folder and uploading it to OneDrive, you just save it in the connected OneDrive folder. OneDrive takes care of the sync.

In Joplin you can choose to sync to File System. But I wanted to be sure you didnt mean 'sync with File System', choosing a folder which happen to be a OneDrive folder in the Finder.

Dear @ [joeldebruijn] I just started the Wizzard on one Mac and the authorisation process went through. Nice.
Sorry for my bad way of expression. My aim is to use Joplin on two Macs and whenever I open one, it should be synched via OneDrive, because I have access to this synchronisation application.

I chose as synchronisation target OneDrive. What I don't understand is now, what to do on the other computer. Just install Joplin, select OneDrive, done? Edit: I would wish I can migrate all the plugins I have in Joplin to the new computer as well.

Edit2: I downloaded the latest Joplin version for MacOS. It gives me EACCES: permission denied .config/joplin-desktop. - Fixed this with some hint from the forum.
Thank you

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