Content cannot be synced across multiple devices via onedrive

Hello everyone

I'm using three devices, mac, iPhone and iPad, and I have Joplin installed on all of them and logged with the same account.

But strangely enough, when syncing, three different folders are created in OneDrive

apps 1/joplin
apps 2/joplin


This is wrong, I think they should be synced under the same folder (app/Joplin), because they are the same account.

Why? Thank you.

Hey, welcome to the forum

That seems weird, are Joplin versions the same (2.6+) on the devices?

Do you have the folders synced with filesystem via native Onedrive client by chance?

Hey, thank you for the reply.

I don't install native Onedrive client on my devices. Here are the steps.

  1. Install Joplin on mac and enable synchronization and sync via Onedrive. Joplin will create a folder Apps/Joplin on Onedrvie.

  2. Install Joplin on iPad and enable synchronization and logged into Onedrive with the same microsoft account. I thought Joplin will locate Apps/Joplin automatically and synchronize, but it doesn't. It create a new folder Apps 2/Joplin on Onedrive. BTW, the native Onedrive client is not installed on this iPad.

  3. Same problem on the iPhone, only a new folder Apps 2/Joplin is created.

BTW, it works well with Dropbox.

Joplin version

12.6.2 on iPhone and iPad.

2.6.10 (prod, darwin) on Mac

Thank you.

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