How to find out which one drive account I am synchroizing my notes?

I have just bought another new android device, Hisense A7CC, and I want to sync my Joplin notes to this new android device too, but I have forgotten which One drive account I am synchronizing my Joplin notes.

My default Win10 Desktop browser is Firefox, I have gone to, and it automatically logged in the account, say

in this onedrive account, I also find a Joplin directory in:
/My files /Apps /Joplin
-> but the size is not correct, it's only 580kB out of 5GB available space
-> my desktop Joplin is about 700MB!

so how to figure out which one drive account I am using for synchronization?

The followings are my device info:

  • New Android Phone: Hisense A7CC (Android 10)
    -- Joplin version: 2.7.2
    -- database v41
    -- FTS enabled: 1

  • Existing Android Phone: Mi Note10 (Android v11)
    -- Joplin version: 2.7.2
    -- database v41
    -- FTS enabled: 1

  • Win10 Desktop 21H2 (build 19044.1586)
    -- Joplin version: 2.7.13 (prod, win32)
    -- Sync Version: 3
    -- Profile Version: 41
    -- Keychain Supported: Yes
    -- Revision: 5b5165d

Thanks for any kinds of help!

I don't think Joplin stores that information - if anyone know better then please correct the drivel I may be about to write...

From the looks of how the onedrive sync works it just uses authorisation tokens from the onedrive api (i.e. basically its the reverse of what you might expect, its the joplin "credentials" (as a client secret) that are stored on your onedrive rather than the other way around) and it uses these tokens to authenticate itself with the account you logged into when you first set it up - essentially the combination of these tokens made to the generic onedrive URLs is what makes sure you log into the correct account.

Again, somebody please correct me if that is completely incorrect but essentially I don't think what you are asking is possible, you will just have to log into your accounts directly and find the correct one.

Thanks Daeraxa!

I have tried to enter the one drive account "" into the Joplin of the new android device, it does sync, but, as expected, NO Joplin notes in my old android device (Mi Note10), nor that of in Joplin of Win10 Desktop are sync!

so do you have any suggestions to find out the correct one drive account I am synchronizing?

Thanks for any kinds of help!

I really wouldn't go just trying to connect Joplin to random OneDrives like that, that is a recipe for disaster - if you haven't already please, please make sure you back up your notes (recommend the simple backup plugin) on a desktop app before messing with sync targets.

I mean just log into OneDrive itself, not within Joplin and find the correct account that has your Joplin data inside it.

by logging out the one drive account "", it automatically log-in another one drive account, say ""!

Under the App directory of, there is also a Joplin directory, the overall size of this one drive account is 1.19GB, which is larger than that of the Joplin Desktop (700MB), but it look like that it is the one that I am sync the Joplin Notes!

Then I uninstall and then re-install Joplin in the new android device, selecting One drive for synchronization, entering the one drive account "" and log in to start synchronizing my notes....

now waiting for synchronization to complete....

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