JEX Export Fail [Desktop App]

I’m unable to export my data to a JEX file. I get an error which says, ‘Could not export notes: This item is currently encrypted: resource “SubNotebooks.png”. Please wait for items to be decrypted and try again.

Please help.

App Image Version: v.1.0.201

Distro: Solus Budgie

There is an encryption config screen under Tools -> Options. Go there and check the encryption status, if it shows decryption errors you can hit the retry button. If not you probably just have to wait for decryption to finish like the error says…

The encryption status is "enabled" and there are no decryption errors. All the files are decrypted (95/95) so I don't understand why it's throwing up that error. :confused:

This SubNotebooks.png is one of the pictures attached to those welcome notes. Most people would probably delete them. I wonder whether deleting some notes, enabling encryption and synchronization performed in certain order would lead to this behaviour.

@iknac do you still have those welcome to joplin notes in your profile?

Do you remember what you did before the error occurred?

Yeah, I do remember. I had moved both notebooks into a different notebook. After reading your reply, I moved them out of it but the issue remained. So, in the end, I deleted both notebooks, and was able to successfully export my notes after that.

Thanks for the tip! :+1: