Some items cannot be decrypted

Good day,

want migrate from evernote to joplin (great app), but have next problem:

App version: 1.6.7
qty notes: 160
full size: 33mb

Have three device (2 x WIN 10 + android) install on them all joplin for sync use dropbox only on one device win 10 receive "Some items cannot be decrypted" enter for detailed info soft inform what can't decrypt 28 notes. Ok, delete from this PC joplin clear app folder, again install, again made sync, software again inform me what can't decrypt but now 8 notes))))

What me need do, how resolve this problem?
On other devices (WIN 10 and Android) everything ok i don't see any messages.



Check name some id of attachment find in which note attached this files (some png) and yes on WIN 10 application don't show image, but how minimum i check on android i can see this image in note.

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