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Export to .JEX - does it do ALL notebooks?

Joplin 1.0.231
Windows 10 1909 64 bit
I have been doing exports to .JEX every few weeks as a backup of my notes. It occurred to me, since I have 2 notebooks; is this exporting ALL my notes?

Will simply choosing EXPORT off the Joplin menu export both Notebooks?

Or do I have to highlight which notebook I want exported and do one at a time?

I know when I switched to Joplin from E I had to export one notebook at a time in order to import it into J. I just wanted to make sure I am getting all my notes.


Exporting from the menu will export everything. It’s only when you right-click on notes that it only exports the note.

I guess that should be clarified in the UI because it’s a question that comes back frequently.



There a 3 paths to export notes. Let’s see if I have this right :upside_down_face:

  1. Right-click note and select Export (exports individual note)
  2. Right-click notebook and select Export (exports individual notebook, including sub-notebooks, if any).
  3. Select File/Export from menu bar (exports everything)
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Goofy question. if I export my notes to a .JEX when encryption is enabled, does it also encrypt the .JEX as well? I suspect not but just want to make sure I understand.

I figured it out myself. i enabled encryption, then did an export. And as I suspected the EXPORT is NOT encrypted.

Nope, not at all. I just checked, simply by opening the .jex file as a zip archive.
(Joplin employs E2EE, but no form of in situ encryption)

I figured out the same thing as well. I enabled encryption, but also had the exported notes right there in the same cloud drive as the sync folder. So, fat lot of good that did. I guess I’ll remove it, then use 7Zip to encrypt a 7Z file that holds it.

So, next question, and I’ll submit a post on this too.

Is the sync stuff encrypted? My guess is YES, because you have to resync after enabling encryption. I make it a ponit to NOT keep vital stuff in a note program and use other secure methods for vital data, but there is still some stuff I don’t want available.

OK, according to this: Is Sync encrypted?
sync IS encrypted when using E2EE.