Export to .JEX - does it do ALL notebooks?

Joplin 1.0.231
Windows 10 1909 64 bit
I have been doing exports to .JEX every few weeks as a backup of my notes. It occurred to me, since I have 2 notebooks; is this exporting ALL my notes?

Will simply choosing EXPORT off the Joplin menu export both Notebooks?

Or do I have to highlight which notebook I want exported and do one at a time?

I know when I switched to Joplin from E I had to export one notebook at a time in order to import it into J. I just wanted to make sure I am getting all my notes.


Exporting from the menu will export everything. It’s only when you right-click on notes that it only exports the note.

I guess that should be clarified in the UI because it’s a question that comes back frequently.



There a 3 paths to export notes. Let's see if I have this right :upside_down_face:

  1. Right-click note and select Export (exports individual note)
  2. Right-click notebook and select Export (exports individual notebook, including sub-notebooks, if any).
  3. Select File/Export from menu bar (exports everything)
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Goofy question. if I export my notes to a .JEX when encryption is enabled, does it also encrypt the .JEX as well? I suspect not but just want to make sure I understand.

I figured it out myself. i enabled encryption, then did an export. And as I suspected the EXPORT is NOT encrypted.

Nope, not at all. I just checked, simply by opening the .jex file as a zip archive.
(Joplin employs E2EE, but no form of in situ encryption)

I figured out the same thing as well. I enabled encryption, but also had the exported notes right there in the same cloud drive as the sync folder. So, fat lot of good that did. I guess I’ll remove it, then use 7Zip to encrypt a 7Z file that holds it.

So, next question, and I’ll submit a post on this too.

Is the sync stuff encrypted? My guess is YES, because you have to resync after enabling encryption. I make it a ponit to NOT keep vital stuff in a note program and use other secure methods for vital data, but there is still some stuff I don’t want available.

OK, according to this: Is Sync encrypted?
sync IS encrypted when using E2EE.

Encryption of the JEX file is a feature that is really important for me and others, but missing. What's the point to encrypt E2EE when a backup is in plain text? A check mark with "encrypt with same key as notes" would be welcome. If using the CLI or manually encrypt the ZIP file removes the user friendly experience of the application. If I backup my JEX to the cloud, I am very vulnerable.

I know Standard Notes can do backup encryption but the subscription model is a draw back (I give more money monthly to Joplin than the cost of Standard Extended because I like the freedom of setting my own budget; I think it's better and I want it to grow more).

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I think it's quite clear - the menu command is called < export all >, the context menu command is called < export >. But there is always room for improvement :wink:

@ajay just for info I believe @laurent's comment in July 20 actually resulted in an update in v1.1.1 in September 20. In the update the main menu item that had just said "Export" was replaced by "Export all".

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It wasn't clear to me whether it was "export all" (notebooks) or "export all" (notes in this notebook).

I see, I am glad we could sort it out. Please don't forget to click the "solution" button.

You must set "Attachment download behavior" Always if you has configured the synchronization.

Otherwise the .JEX does not contain attachment.

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