[Question] About setting up Joplin in a new laptop

Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question, but I need an answer for peace of mind. Here’s why.

Currently, I’ve got Joplin, with encryption enabled, on my laptop and android phone and synced via OneDrive. If I install Joplin in a new laptop, then would the setup process be the same as it was for the Android app (i.e. give permission to access OneDrive, enter password for decryption) or would I need to import a backup file?

App Image v.1.0.201
OS: Linux

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Same process as it was for the Android app.

Although I’m not sure, if you couldn’t import a backup file to speed things up. I don’t use E2EE, so I do not know whether that would mess with E2EE when you import a backup file. But there are a lot of people here who use E2EE…

Thanks for the answer. I'm relieved. :slight_smile:

Today I also resolved the other issue regarding JEX export fail so, henceforth, I'm also gonna make regular backups. If E2EE does mess up the importing process in the future, then I'll let you folks know. Though I hope that never happens. Touch wood. :crossed_fingers: