Joplin does not sync anymore on Android

This week I reinstall Joplin 3 times because I spotted a diff between the number of folders I have on my desktop and my android (40 more than on desktop)
So I wipped everything on the smartphone and sync everything again.

Before all of that I disabled the e2ee to see on dropbox what I have synced from both part and which is not on each other

At the end of the sync process, Joplin, on android (v1.0.261) does not have everything that is synced on Dropbox. At this is not just stuff of yesterday but also since the 11th of june...

Worst of all :
I dropped the "Welcome (Android)" folder from the smartphone, and triggered the sync, .... Joplin said "objets distants créés : 1" but its should says it has removed 5 ...
I also try to moved 5 notes from a folder to another, and the message is still "objets distants créés : 1"
And if I check of dropbox (in case Joplin on Android does not display the logs...) nothing from today ; NO THING


All of this seem to be tied with the fact I disable the e2ee ; but why android does sync only a part and not everything ?

There’s no error in the Android log?

unfortunatly no

in "journal " the button “erreurs seulement” does not display anything

I just noticed something…
the encryption was activated on android . I don’t understand why as I did not enable it on android this week.
I disable it ; so we have to wait the new sync to finish /o\

If at any point it downloads a master key, it will enable e2ee automatically.

ok ; I didnt know

do you know how to reduce the list of keys we generate each time we enable (again) e2ee ? I would prefer to keep the same one each time .

It’s currently not possible but there’s an issue on GitHub to keep track of it. Eventually there should be some way to at least hide no longer used master keys.