Issue when entering quotation marks with markdown

Hi all,

I stumbled over an issue using Joplin when writing notes with markdown.
Whenever adding a snippet in ` this kind of quotation mark, the cursor jumps up to the beginning of the first row of the note.

Here's an example:

My note start with this header

something very interesting which gets highlighted.

The result then always looks like this:

ery#My note start with this header


so the first letter is still inside the quotation mark, but then the cursor jumps up to the beginning and continues writing there...

It would be great if the behaviour when adding quotation marks could be fixed / adjusted.

I'm on the latest Joplin version 2.7.13 on Windows

If any further details are needed I'm happy to help.

Best regards

Possible the same problem for you with the spell checker.
Could you please try to disable spell checking under Options > General


thanks for your reply.
Spell checker is already disabled when this problem occurs.

What language and keyboard layout is used?
Are plugins active?
Does this also happen with deactivated plugins?

Language is German
Keyboard Layout German

Only active plugin is "Admonition markdown"

I've disabled it and restarted Joplin. Problem is still there.
As an additional info:

When I enter something like this: Highlight the cursor does not jump
but when starting a new word in quotes like this with a space before, it happens.
It also does not happen when creating special characters like: à è ì
when this is entered like

  • mark+e = è


  • mark+a = à

it does not jump up

Ok, I can reproduce the behavior on all my Windows installations.
I have also tested a few older versions and also here the problem occurs.
Could you please create a Issue on Github.

To reproduce:
Try to write Hello world in the markdown editor with or without the preview pan:

Hello `world`


Issue occurs on both attemps - with or without the preview pan.

I'll open an issue. Thanks for your assistance and for reproducing the issue :+1:

Issue on github is opened! issue #6256

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