Editor does not work correctly with «French quotes»

I just noticed that the markdown editor does not work correctly with «French quotes»
It draws the cursor bar in a centimeter right after its real position.

I use Joplin 1.0.199 (prod, darwin) on macos Mojave

Upd. Sorry. the problem is that my font was not monospaced.
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Are the correct quotes as they appear in your post?

Sorry, my mistake, the problem is not with quotes but with cyrilllic letters.
Look on the screenshot, the actual cursor bar is right right after the end of the world.
Each letter add a gap, it seems the problem is with the font…

Screenshot 2020-04-12 at 14.58.09

Probably you can test it:

Upd. It seems the problem that it uses distance from the latin monospaced font, but the cyrrilic font in the program is not monospaced.

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