Is Joplin a good alternative for Teams Wiki?

I learned this morning that my beloved and well kept wiki pages on all sorts of topics will be removed from Teams and have to be converted to OneNote! And I don't want to use OneNote. I never liked it. I never will like it. So now I'm scrambling to find an alternative, and I must say so far Joplin looks like the best alternative to me.

  • It has a clean and simple to user interface
  • I can edit the text in a wysiwig editor and am not forced to write everything in a mark up editor
  • It lets me add code snippets and even formats the code according to language

The only thing I miss is that the Teams wiki lists the chapters you make on each page under the page name (the note list in Joplin). I like to write instructions for how to do things on one page, and then use the index it generates to quickly jump to a certain step.
Is there a plugin or setting that will do that?

So to give an example:
Notebook: Joplin
Note list:

  • Installing Jopling
    • download (this jumps to the first H1 header of the note 'Installing Joplin')
    • configure (this jumps to the second H1 header of the note 'Installing Joplin'

Can you provide a screenshot of what you mean on Teams? Perhaps it can be done with a plugin

Hello Laurent, here is a screenshot.
As you can see, the sections are listed below the name of the page in the navigation pane. This would be a great feature, for me at least.

ps. i've exported and imported some of the OneNote files using the onenote-md-exporter and that was relatively painless! All I needed to fix were the code snippets

Having the toc inside the note list currently is not possible, but might be one we refactor that list. In the meantime the Outline plugin would get you halfway there, by showing the toc next to the current note

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The Outline plugin is more than halfway there I would say! This works very well for me. Thanks for the great tip!