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OneNote export to Joplin

Hi all,

I have recently migrated from OneNote to Joplin and was not satisfied by the 2-step migration OneNote -> EverNote -> Joplin, in particular due to the lost of my Section hierarchy and Page ordering.

So I developed a Windows Console Application that directly export OneNote notebook into RAW Joplin Folder Directory.

The tool can be downloaded in the GitHub repository GitHub - alxnbl/onenote-md-exporter: ConsoleApp to export OneNote notebooks to Joplin and other Markdown formats , section "Releases" on the right of the page. A comparison between the migration based on this tool and the one on EverNote is also provided.

Hope it will help other users to take the great leap forwards :slight_smile: . Please open a GitHub issue if you encounter any error or formatting issue.



I wrote a python script that works for OneNote for Windows 10. It requires a small amount of manual work but it does work: GitHub - Ben-Gillman/onenote_to_markdown: Script to convert MS Onenote notebooks to Joplin


Hi all, I released a new version of the tool (1.0) that fixe bugs and includes export to markdown + Front Matter.