Advice for moving from OneNote to Joplin

Computer: MacOS Monterey M1, 12.0.1 2020
Joplin version: 2.9.17

I'm glad I found this app. I experienced loss of images and entire folders in OneNote that, even if free, is not acceptable because of the time and energy I invested into taking those notes. After exploring a bunch of PKMs, Joplin looks really promising and I am excited to migrate over and try it out for a few months at least.

I saw there is someone who created a plugin or app or something that helped him move from OneNote to Joplin... but it's Windows. I am on a Mac. I also have zero code experience. I am going to begin manually copy/pasting my OneNote notes over to Joplin, but am wondering if there is a faster way for the notes I don't care to review and tediously copy/paste.

Thank you to anyone who can help. William.

Your best bet is probably to somehow get it into markdown form then import it.
A quick search shows something like this which uses the OneNote export to Word function then uses Pandoc to convert to markdown.

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