Is it possible to directly sync between two devices?

I'm trying to move my notes from one Android phone to another. However I don't have any kind of cloud service or online storage accounts that I use (or really any that I would trust enough to set up an account for these notes).

If I have Joplin installed on both devices, is there any way to sync the note data directly from one to the other.

Export and then import, or something like that with some syncing app? Can it be done if I physically connect them with a cable?

One way is file system sync + something like Syncthing.


You seem to be looking for a one time solution, not a sync you're trying to repeat every other day. So why don't you just export "all" to a Jex file on phone 1, and import it on phone 2 ?
When it comes to clouds (or not) and ease of use, Nextcloud does the job (despite of complaints by some users here on the forum). I have recently switched to a free 2GB account at opsone (in privacy concerned Switzerland), and it's fast and furious. Since their home page is in German and not accessible, go straight to

Can't do that, there's no import on mobile.

Oh yeah, you are right :wink:
I remember that ...

So does that mean that there is no way for me to transfer this data directly?

So essentially I will have to export the profile from the old Android device, and then import to one of the desktop apps, and then sync it with my new Android device?

Will this preserve all the metadata like tags and folders?

Since their home page is in German and not accessible, go straight to

Honestly I am something of a Tech Boomer when it comes to this, do you know if there are any decent guides that can kind of walk me through the syncing process?

Not without setting up some way of syncing.

could he copy his complete Android / Profile / folder from Android device 1 to Android device 2 using an app like "Wifi File Transfer" (on G Play) ?
My guess it would solve his problem.

Only if both devices are rooted, otherwise the profile is not accessible.

Well actually only the target device needs to be rooted. On the source "export profile" should be enough

Did the Joplin/ Android devs have a choice of putting the profile folder into protected app space or into shared user space, or do they not ?
I am not proposing to make changes to Joplin because one user has a problem like the one above, but I wonder whether this was a free choice or forced by Android design ...

if you don't want to use a cloud service for syncing you could set up a WebDAV service on your computer, have both devices sync to that and once everything is transferred turn it off.

and just for clarification about what you mean to say ( jjgalvez ) is this : set up a WebDAV service on your own desktop computer on your LAN ... both phones connected to the LAN too, ...

Yes that's exactly what I meant. Set up everything on your own local lan and take it down once you no longer need it

I would go with what Roman said in the first post. Then you can just disable syncthing. If you want two folders to be the same without a server, that's what it is for! and it's really easy to enable on both devices. Just install the app, select the folder, scan QR and wait. Then disable the sync if you no longer want it (although, if you don't have a cloud server or do very regular backups... just leave it. Leave it on "only wifi and only while charging", and you just have an easy backup)

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