Manual sync between Computer and Android phone, drag and drop notes


I have a computer (Mac) and an Android phone.

I would like to offline sync my notes between both devices (no cloud).

Can this be done with or without the sync option?

Ideally I would just navigate the filesystem on my computer, drag the Notes folder (.config/joplin-desktop), then navigate into my Android filesystem, and drop it there, so I can see on my Android device exactly the same notes I had on my Mac. When I'm done working with the files on my Android, then I copy and paste back to my Mac. There you go, that's what I'd call a simple, manual, offline sync, so I don't have to rely on a cloud service or any complex sync feature prone to fail. Just drag and drop text files like in the old days. Can this be done anyhow?

It would also be OK if the sync option can work totally offline, syncing from Android into an SD card folder, then into the computer, and vice-versa. I've tried this with the filesystem sync but I'm unable to.

Thank you

I have noticed that all my notes can be exported from and imported into Joplin desktop as a JEX file.

Is there a way to import JEX files into Android and export them from there? This way I could sync Destkop and Android versions via JEX files.

Conversely, I can see the "export profile" feature on the Android phone but cannot find how to import this into the Desktop version. If anyone could shed some light on this it would be very helpful. Thank you

No, currently it's not possible.

It's not trivial, certainly not something you want to do regularly.

Hi Roman, thanks for your reply!!

So you can't use the JEX file format or the "export profile" option in order to manually import/export notes between Android and a computer.

How then can you manually move notes between Android and a computer? ... Is it possible to navigate through the filesystem on each device and manually copy-paste the notes? If so, it would be really useful if an admin could provide the file path.

Alternatively, there seems to be another way: Settings > Synchronisation > Synchronisation target > File system > Selecting a folder within an SD card. I've tried to do this both on Android and on Desktop, but files will only sync from Desktop to Android but not vice-versa. Would there be a way to make this work?


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