Android sync

Can I copy my laptop Joplin data to my android rather than syncing my android to nextcloud? That will save me a lot of data and time.

I think that is possible, but you would have to copy your data all the time to keep it in sync between the two devices.

No, it's just once to get my data to my phone then I'll be using Nextcloud on my phone like I do on my laptop.
My immediate problem is that I have no idea where the android Joplin data folder is. Can you help me on that?
Also, is the android joplin folder identical in content to the desktop app folder?

I am not sure if this would really work, so I cannot help you with it.

I am not sure how many notes you have but my suggestion would be to just use Nextcloud to sync. Its the intended way and just works. Fiddling around with sync is normally not a good idea and leads to a bunch of unexpected problems.

thank you. I'll take your advice. But I still need to know where the android data is stored. Can I choose a location? If I can't and it defaults to my internal storage, I won't have enough space. I need to use my sdcard as my Joplin data location.

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