Resynchronize out-of-sync notes from Joplin Android app with other devices

For the last couple of weeks, I've only been using the Joplin Android app. I didn't notice that the synchronization of notes via my Nextcloud stopped working. The latest versions of my notes are now on my Android smartphone.

Since I wasn't too happy with my Nextcloud provider anyway, I switched to another provider.

What is the smartest way to sync the Joplin notes on my Android smartphone back to my other devices with Joplin?

I think the best way is to copy all data from your old Nextcloud to the new one and then running sync on Android.
As a precaution, you may want to use "Export Profile" function on your phone to have a copy of your profile should something go wrong.

@laurent would you be opposed to adding import/export on mobile? I think in situations like this it could be useful.

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@roman_r_m Just in case things go wrong, how can the notes from an exported profile (SQLite database) be imported back into Joplin?

You mean some way to export everything as JEX?

Yes, just as on desktop. I was hoping (but haven't checked) that the code from desktop can be reused.

Kind of. First, it'll only work on desktop; maybe on a rooted mobile too. And second, it's not exactly importing, more like replacing the desktop app profile with the one from Android. You won't lose your notes though.

EDIT misread the question as "can the notes be imported..."

You just need to copy the profile over to desktop and replace your existing profile. I'd probably also do an export from desktop first.
So to summarize:

  1. On desktop export all notes to JEX.
  2. Close the app
  3. Move the profile to a safe place; depending on your OS the profile will be in your user home dir in .config/joplin-desktop
  4. Copy the exported profile there.
  5. Start the app.
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I moved the data from /.config/joplin-desktop to another directory on my notebook (Linux). Then I moved the exported profile from the Joplin Android app to /.config/joplin-desktop on my notebook.

After a restart, Joplin on my notebook now doesn't show any of my notes at all.

This is strange, any errors in log?

There are some messages in the log.
log.txt (5.7 KB)

This is strange, from the log it looks as it it was a clean start.
Can you check there's database.sqlite in joplin-desktop and its size matches what you have in the export. And that it's readable.

There is no database.sqlite file in joplin-desktop, but there is a file named joplin.sqlite.

Ah, then you need to rename it. I wrongly assumed the files have the same name on mobile and desktop.

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In troubleshooting a WebDAV issue, I've recently followed this procedure many times and can confirm that the .sqlite file on android and Windows are not named the same. To move exported android files to Windows, you must rename the file to database.sqlite

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@roman_r_m @johnz1 After I renamed joplin.sqlite to database.sqlite it seems to work again. Notes from the Joplin Android app are now available in the Joplin Desktop app. WebDAV synchronization with the new Nextcloud server also seems to work. :smiley:

Hopefully WebDAV won't cause new problems soon, because it doesn't seem to be rock-solid. :roll_eyes:

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