How to sync joplin note between linux laptop and android phone without going thru internet service?

i am using manjaro xfce. may i know how to sync betw android phone and linux os ?without internet service.

how to use sync thru “file system” ?
what should i filled in the "directory to synchronise with (absolute path) " on phone and on linux laptop ?


Joplin 1.0.216 (prod, linux)

Client ID: 7368d6a12f424b3bb172cceccd18421b
Sync Version: 1
Profile Version: 29

Revision: 4eb680d6 (master)

Syncing through the filesystem just dumps sync files to a specific folder. This feature is useful for users that want to handle sync manually. Joplin does not provide the functionality that you are asking for.

But what you can do is

  1. sync to the filesystem
  2. plug in your android phone
  3. Manually copy your selected sync directory to your phone
  4. set your android sync directory to the chosen location on your phone

Of course you can find ways to automate this process. But they are not provided by Joplin.

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you said:
”Syncing through the filesystem just dumps sync files to a specific folder.”
then u said:
”Joplin does not provide the functionality that you are asking for.”

i don’t get you. does joplin provides me function that allow me to dump sync files to a specific folder on my computer ?sorry, i am confused by your answer…


Joplin allows you to sync to the filesystem on your computer and on your android phone. You can choose any directory you like.

What Joplin won’t do for you is transfer the files from your desktop computer to your android phone.

I hope that’s more clear.


actually i am not that clear still. sorry.

you said Joplin allow the sync to a folder on local computer. but it does not provide the service to transfer the file ??
is it like, one is doing the talking and no working ?
if i am way off, pls guide me .

if i am right, how to do the sync to file system myself ?
can i just use mtp to access the folder where Joplin store file and manually copy and paste to computer Joplin folder each time before i use on each joplin on each device ?
or is there a software that i can install to do the such sync function as a middle man between joplin and pc/ devices…

Joplin on desktop will sync files from the desktop application to any location on the desktop.

Joplin on android will sync files from the app to any location on your android device.

To move files from your desktop to android you can use whatever you want, they are just files.

ok, i think i started to understand what you meant,

android joplin will sync the data fr a folder which i setup in my android device, lets say the folder is called joplin android.
while, my linux joplin will sync data fr the folder which i also have setup on my linux computer, lets assume it is called joplin linux.

but i need to use other sync services or prog such as "synthing’ to propagate the data between joplin android an joplin linux.
am i right ?
if i am right, then i would like to ask further:
assuming syncthing works, it sync betw the 2 folders every 10 secs (assuming). how often does joplin syncs with the folder of their respective device ?
if android joplin only sync when it first open a data file, however the data file has just changed again after the android joplin has opened the data file. then what ever i just wrote on linux joplin is not visible in android joplin …

am i right ?
what if the
in [quote=“CalebJohn, post:6, topic:9245”]
Joplin on desktop

I believe you can set the interval of the sync from 5min to 24 hours, or manually press the sync button. Im not familiar with android but surely they have the same options. Kindly check it.

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Joplin will perform a sync approximately 5 seconds after a note was last updated. I don’t know the exact timing. And as subie said, Joplin can be configured for how long it takes between checking for changes.