iPad caps lock issue


I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this. I’ve started using Joplin for all my notes uses including taking meeting notes. Often I find in meetings taking notes on my iPad Pro with Smartcover keyboard that halfway through a note Joplin will decide to act as if the caps lock is stuck on. I checked with the built in iPad keyboard removing the smartcover keyboard too in case it was just smartcover related, but the soft keyboard also had this issue,

I’m guessing this might be rare if it’s a combination of a lengthy note session lasting multiple hours drafting a note and related to iPad users.

I’ve tried to repeat this to see if I can come up with a repeatable way to make this happen but I don’t seem to be able to. I’m sorry.

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Same problem here. On iPad Pro it happens constantly, sometimes on iPhone 7 as well.
I don’t use an external keyboard.
I have to deactivate caps lock after every single key. It reactivates itself after every letter I strike.

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The workaround I’ve found thanks to someone else’s post on another area of the forum is this:

If you have a blank line at the bottom of your note, this behavior occurs. If you delete the blank line so that the bottom line has text in it, the problem disappears.

Strange but it seems to work for me so I can use my iPad Pro for notetaking.

Thank you!
That helps, although it is only a workaround.
It still needs fixing!

This is a bug in React Native, which has been fixed in ff70ecf (v0.56.0).

However, this version has a few other issues and a 0.57.0-rc should be available soon.

This topic is a duplicate of Persistant Caps Lock on iPad.

Closing this one. Head over there for all further discussions.