Keyboard/iOS UI interface problem


I have always seen an awkward situation when using Joplin on iOS (iPhone/iPad).

The behavior it does:

  1. We open Joplin.
  2. We open a note in editing mode.
  3. Immediately the keyboard is displayed.
    In this case, if you want to move around the note, only part of the note remains on the screen because the keyboard "bothers" in another area in editing mode.

The behavior it "should" do (evernote works like this):

  1. Open Joplin/Evernote
  2. We open a note in editing mode.
  3. The keyboard is still hidden, you can move up and down the note.
  4. If we click on a place in the note then the keyboard is shown, also the keyboard can be hidden from the bottom right button).

Does it happen to you? What do you think?

All the best!

I assume you are using the default editor. I had a go with that and the beta editor and notice that they behave differently.
In the beta editor when you press the edit icon it still allows you to scroll up and down the list full screen. When you tap to place a cursor the keyboard opens and can be dismissed again with the Done button (I'm afraid I'm not particularly au fait with iOS so I don't know if this extra bar with "done" and two arrows is to be expected or normal UI, on Android you simply hit back on the navigation buttons to dismiss the keyboard)

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