Some BUGs in Joplin Desktop Mac version

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What issue do you have?

I'll be in the middle of typing something in the markup editor and suddenly the cursor resets to the beginning of the note. For instance say I'm on page 10 typing something and then all of a sudden the cursor moves way back up to the beginning of the note. I'm pretty sure it happens only when a synchronization occurs or completes.

Then also search (within a note) is kind of wonky. Sometimes it gives the wrong results. Like say you search for "hunter" - as you type 'h' and then "u" it updates the search result count like you expect, but sometimes when you get to the final letter 'r' it still gives you the result count for "hunte". Like it gets confused or something. I just hit space and backspace to correct it, but I thought I'd let you know.

I am experiencing similar cursor jumping issues in the latest version of the iOS app. This only started occurring just after upgrading to v12.13.10. I haven’t had a chance to log a bug yet but it sounds similar.

The iOS issue may be fixed by this commit.

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That would be amazing. Can’t wait to test it once it’s in the App Store.

Edit: the new version has not yet been published to the App Store. Is there a sort of “prerelease” version for iOS? For example, v12.14.1 was released on 12/29/2023 but is not currently on the App Store.

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