iOS doesn't update view when note modified remotely

Been using Joplin about 18mo and am curious, on iOS if I am viewing a note and edit it remotely, say from macOS, the view is never updated on iOS and it just keeps displaying the now outdated version of the note. If I tap out-and-back-in to the note, I see the updated version.

On macOS if I am viewing a note that is modified remotely, the view is immediately updated upon sync with the latest version which is ideal. Curious why that doesn’t happen on iOS? Thanks!

As an iOS user, i feel your pain. Do you have Joplin set to use Bluetooth by some chance? If not, it might not be automatically syncing or even syncing properly to begin with. Apple made some changes to how apps work in newer updates that prevents background apps from syncing unless they use Bluetooth to get location from GPS. It’s kind of a stupid change that makes little sense for an app like Joplin but it’s not exclusive to it.

Also, what version of Joplin are you running on both platforms? Thanks

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The syncing itself isn’t a problem, I can see the sync work fine. I can also trigger the sync manually then get into the note before syncing completes and the note view stays stagnant until I tap away and back into the note.

macos 1.0.200 sync v1 profile v28
iOS 10.0.47 database v28
Synced via Dropbox

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Do the notes that you’re trying to sync have any big attachments on them?

no, all text. and just tested with a note that contained a single character, added a 2nd character remotely then synced on iOS…note view didn’t update. Click out-and-in, 2nd character appeared.

Did you test on iOS, can you get the active note on iOS to refresh before your eyes and show updated content real-time as joplin is syncing?

EDIT: included a screen recording if that helps explain it. Even after a long wait, and checking sync had long since completed, the video shows I had to leave-and-reenter the note to get the updated text

I don’t have a Mac, but have tested between Linux, Android and iOS and it usually works. There was an old bug with the iOS app months back that should have been ironed out but this is sounding more and more like it. Let me see if i can find it.

Here it is:

You might need to just do an iOS reinstall because that seemed to be the main fix for it at the time.