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I have had few issues with Joplin since I started using it. However, recently, have run into a couple of problems. First of all, and not the main issue I wish to address now, Joplin created douplicates of many of my notes. Hundreds of them, from the looks of it, for no clear reason.
But the real issue I am writing about is the fact that when I make a modification to a note on my PC (using the PC app), the changes upload to my Onedrive but don't seem to make it over to my IOS phone APP. The IOS App seem to indicate that everything is synchronizing but when the synch stops and I check the note I have just edited on the PC app, no changes have made their way over to the same note on my IOS app. I have noticed that these seem to eventually make it over (at least in two cases I checked), as in a few hours of days later. However, this is quite inconvenient, as I need to often jump between devices in a single day for work. I am still waiting for some changes I made to a note to make their way over and it has been over a day. I keep manually synchronizing in hopes that something happens. The issue seems to have started after an Iphone update to IOS 17.4 or 17.4.1, though this may be unrelated and perhaps the issue started sooner without my noticing. Any help would be appreciated!

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Did this by any chance only happen once, the day after DST change ?

It seems to me that whenever somebody is reporting such "strangeness", he is using Onedrive. I cannot be sure - obviously - but before you loose patience with Joplin, try another cloud, e.g. Nextcloud. Even if you don't like the other cloud, just try it - it takes under 15 min to set up.

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