Synchronization no longer working with iOS Devices

After my iphone and ipad were updated to iOS 13.3., the synchronization is no longer working on these devices. I’m synching with Nextcloud 15.0.6.
Joplin on iOS Devices is 10.0.40
PROPFIND : Username or password was incorrect, No ‘Authorization: Bearer’ header found. Either the client didn’t send one, or the server is misconfigured (Exception Sabre\DAV\Exception\NotAuthenticated) (401) …

Other (non-iOS) devices still synch without any problems, so I assume that the iOS update caused this problem.

I have found, that on github there is a Joplin iOS Version 10.0.41. However this seems not to be available via the Appstore.

Any hints how I can ge my Joplin working again would be highly aprreciated!

@Roland, I know that this post is about two weeks old now and I'm not getting the exact same issue. I'm using Pcloud's WebDAV implementation and have both an iPhone and Galaxy phone. The Galaxy syncs and keeps up to date with my Linux desktop fine with no issues so far. My iPhone randomly gets way out of sync with the other devices and doesn't update placement of various files correctly.

I'm testing out a budgeting system I made here, and this issue would be a major problem for keeping my budget up to date. I luckily have a solid app that I've been using frequently, but still. :smiley:

Unfortunately I still have no solution for this problem. My iOS devices don‘t synch at all anymore. I also rely on this working properly.

I appreciate the fact that this app supports multiple platforms but I've also been reading arguments for fully supporting only one or an entire ecosystem. I bet it's a challenge, @laurent. Good work man and I hope ios syncing issues get resolved during #gsoc-2020. :wink:

@Roland, I know it is inconvenient and I'm lucky I have a desktop and both ios and Android phones to do this more comfortably, but have you backed up your files then fully reinstalled Joplin on all of your iOS devices? My issue resolved itself when I did that. For how long, I'm not sure yet.

Thanks a lot for pointing me into this direction!
On one iOS device I did a full reinstall and really, synchronization is back again. On my other device I haven’t done this yet, since there is a lot of additional and changed data I want torescue
Before starting from scratch on this devices as well, I need to find a way to save these changes somehow. I hope I’ll find a way to find out, which data was changed in the last two months on this device.

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An update: I just had to reinstall Joplin on my iPhone XR after 4 days of it working fine. Since my iPhone is my main driver for my budget and my daily journal-writing, this is a bit inconvenient but doesn’t take all that long to uninstall, reinstall and resync everything.

One thing I really think should happen: since quite a few users are having more problems with the iOS port than the Android port so far (if the Github issue tracker and support here are to be taken into account for it), I would love to see a dedicated iOS dev separate from @laurent for this project if it’s not already a thing. That way the port can get a lot of these bugs squashed and feel quite a bit more at home than it does in its current state on the platform. Until I tried the ApolloApp for Reddit, I didn’t even know how much I appreciated the idea that a dev could take the core feel of a platform and build their entire app around improving it while also fitting into it. It’s a bit hard to explain but it sold me a bit on apps being built exclusively around a platform when I’m usually all about making it available for everyone.