[iOS bug] 3rd-party application is stuck after sharing to Joplin

Hello! I faced with a bug on iOS 15.3 / Joplin 12.6.2

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open any app, e.g. Safari
  2. Go to any website
  3. Tap 'Share'
  4. Select Joplin in the 'Share' menu
  5. Tap the back button in the Joplin app
  6. Go back to Safari

Actual result: the Safari app is stuck/frozen

I can’t reproduce it on iPhone 8 under identical versions of iOS and Joplin. Everything runs easy after sharing a website or a foto from Safari or iMessage to Joplin.

It's stably reproduced on my Xs (I tried to navigate back with on-screen gestures and the left-corner link). One more thing, the 5th step is an excess one, the bug is reproduced even without it. Probaly the 3rd-party application is not fully frozen, because I've noticed that video-preview still works on Youtube, but it's impossible to scroll or tap controls on the 3rd-party application.