Ios backup of joplin data failed

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My ipad would not restart after a recent ios update; I was forced to do an update/restore, ie the ipad was wiped and completely restored, including firmware. When the icloud backup was used to restore, all the data from other apps seems to have been restored, except for Joplin. I had to rely on syncing from Dropbox to get my notes back. I rang Apple and they said it was obviously a Joplin problem.
Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a bug in the app?
Cheers, Phil

As far as I know, the apple or google backup is deactivated for Joplin, as otherwise the data would end up in the cloud with one of the providers.

If that’s the case, it would be nice to give the user a choice to upload to iCloud if they would like. I don’t see a toggle for Joplin under iCloud settings.

Hopefully Joplin data is backed up when a local backup is done for the iPhone.

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Absolutely agree. I was devastated to find out my Joplin notes weren’t backed up. I WANT them backed up to icloud.


this is the worst

Well, there is in my case (iOS 17.4.1) and always has been IIRC. In contrast to @Phil I don't want to have Joplin's profile directory included in my iCloud backup because E2EE (even if turned on) would have no effect in this scenario.

I'm also pretty sure that in iOS the default setting is "include every app in iCloud backup" so you have to take action on your own accord in order to avoid this. I learned this two or so years ago when my iCloud backup was 1.6 GB larger all of a sudden because of a new Joplin installation on my iPhone.

Luckily we can activate Apple's own E2EE implementation now (called Advanced Data Protection), but open source aficionados would still not be satisfied with a closed source solution like this.