Beware if using an old iPad with iOS 12.5.5

It is possible that the latest version of Joplin for iOS does install (from Appstore), but then persistently crashes immediately after open. There may be an incompatibility with the older iOS (some older iPads cannot update to iOS 13 or 14). Watch the issue on Github (opened a few minutes ago) before you update Joplin.

I can confirm this. Latest Joplin crashes immediately on my iPad Mini 2.

Thanks for the confirmation. The pain is, under iOS you can't simply go back to the last version of an app. I always disliked this part of the Apple environment.

Joplin will crash on iphone 6sp(iOS 12.4).I don't know what to do.

I gave an update but unfortunately no good news.

Just checked today and App store has a new version available. Joplin installs and runs fine on iOS 12 again! Thanks a lot, @laurent for fixing this, which adds a bit longer life span to my old iPad.


Same here, but I am running into a problem when sync on the iPAD (with iOS 12, and the related Joplin version). Could it be that the latest desktop production version of Joplin (or the DB) and the "older" iOS version (or the DB) are no longer compatible. I just get a few notebooks after sync, many missing, and no notes at all.
I think I remember a note to this end during one of the desktop updates, but I can't remember the version numbers or details ...
In other words, is the fix on iOS nice but useless if all your databases are already converted to a newer version ?

Did anybody see this ?

I use Joplin on iPad (iOS 12.5 - latest available version for iOS12) and the most recent version on macOS and Android. Everything works great and there are the exact same number of notes on my old iPad as there are on the other devices.

( This is after a complete reinstall on the old iPad. I had to reinstall it, since I had installed the broken iOS version that was available for a very short time).

Previously I have reported some issues with notes not syncing completely, but then I used a self hosted Nextcloud server. After switching to Dropbox as sync target all devices are always in sync.

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Thanks for your response, eagle. Guess I just have to try again ...

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