iOS App: No sync anymore

Using the latest iOS Joplin app syncing is not possible anymore.
I use the lastest desktop version of Joplin, but the the iSO app will not sync. Seems it needs and update.

When will this update be available?


If by latest version you mean that you are using the latest pre-release which makes changes to the sync target, this thread has a comment about iOS from @laurent.

Difficult to see that this is a pre-release. Developers should pay more attention to that they did not implement any features and not all clients/ app are able of using this. Not the first time this happens.

Not very clever, my opinion.

If you are using one of the recent pre-releases (1.0.234 / 1.0.235) it does, to be fair, mention this when you download it from GitHub (my highlights).

Nothing to add to my post. It is not professional implementing functions no one needs without having all clients ready for that. Not that first time.

Check the forum, many many post with problems

Also many many people not reading the release notes before instaling what is, in effect, a beta and not automatically suggested as an upgrade by the Joplin program itself (because it's a pre-release).

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As mentioned: Nothing to add, unprofessional.

  1. Even for a Beta all clients should work.
  2. Beta versions must not be placed in the regular download section

You made a mistake, you installed beta software without reading the release notes, which by the way started with “Important” - you can’t be bothered to read important information, your problem.

Then somehow you can’t make the difference between a version that’s clearly labelled “pre-release” and that’s only advertised in the forum for the purpose of beta testing. Again, your problem.

A few other users unfortunately made that mistake too, but you’re the only one who keeps whining about it and blaming others.

You said twice you have nothing to add. Good, so let’s move on and close this topic.