Newbie question about sync and updates

Im new to Joplin and not very clever with the techie side.
I sync Joplin between a de-googled android, iPad and windows PC. It’s not working now with an error message: “sync version of the target (3) is greater than the version supported by the client (2) please upgrade your client.” I don’t know what version each device is using, or how to update. So any help would be appreciated

Did you install Joplin yourself or was it someone else that did it for you? :smirk:

Firstly, when it comes to Android, have you got access to the Play Store at all (e.g. through a 3rd party app) or not? If it's the latter, you can still update the app manually using the APK file. The links are listed at

Secondly, I assume the iPad has access to the Apple Store, so you probably can update the application there.

Lastly, when it comes to Windows, you likely need to update the program manually. The links are included at the same page that was mentioned above regarding Android.

Thank you, that was helpful. Much appreciated.

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