Search engine and sync target upgrade in new pre-release

The latest pre-release includes two major new features and as always your help to test them would be much appreciated!

Sync target upgrade

The first one is a mechanism to upgrade and lock the sync target. In this version, it only makes small changes so as to put the feature in place and verify that it’s all working (so far there’s no known issue).

As a result, when you start the app it will ask you to upgrade the sync target. Once it is done, only the latest clients will be able to sync with this sync target. Currently that includes the desktop app (v1.0.234+) and Android app (v1.0.337+). It means if you are using these two clients you’ll be fine. However if you are using the iOS or CLI clients you might want to wait till these clients are updated.

The long term plan with this feature is to allow making various improvements to the sync target. To make it faster to sync in some cases, to fix a scalability issue, and to simplify E2EE support.

Search engine update

The search engine now includes new filters: As this is also a major change, any help with testing the feature would be appreciated. Again there’s no known issue but If you notice any bug or slow down, please post here.

The pre-release is available for download there:

And the Android client is available there:


v235 has been released with a fix for the menu item issue and the note link problem:


IOS app is now not syncing, is there an ETA for update of this client?

No ETA, but it might be weeks before it’s updated so you might want to start over by exporting, deleting everything and re-importing.

From the first table, all search works well except the line of the table about “Prefix” ;
with checklist when I search ch*list returns nothing

in the table “You can also use search filters to further restrict the search.”

created:20200801 returned notes from the current month (same behavior with updated: 20200801), and not only notes created that date.

the other filters look ok ; great job!

That's how it's supposed to work. From the docs:

created:20201218 will return notes created on or after December 18, 2020.

Maybe I should add further clarification?

If you want to restrict it to the notes created on a particular day try,
created:20200801 -created:20200802

This is like saying give me notes with created date >= 20200801 and < 20200802

Wildcard text search with a * in the middle is not supported.

IMPORTANT: The wildcard can only be at the end - it will be ignored at the beginning of a word (eg. *swim ) and will be treated as a literal asterisk in the middle of a word (eg. ast*rix )

Or maybe you meant something else? Please clarify.

created:20201218 will return notes created on or after December 18, 2020.

Maybe I should add further clarification?

I read in diagonal ; ding sevral thing in meantine :upside_down_face:

I missed "litteral"