Introducing Varun

Hi there, I am varun a 2nd year undergrad at NSUT . I am a fullStack developer (MERN) , and I am very much interested in contributing to the organization .
I am interested in the issue Improve plugin search and discoverability and I have set up local environment for joplin and playing with the code for few days.
Looking forward to work with Joplin :slight_smile:

Here is my Github profile :- varunsh17

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you submitted a proposal but there is not any activities on GitHub.
I'm sorry we cannot accept this.

I didn't get it ? Could you please tell me which activity are you talking about ?

Hes saying that you don't seem to have made any PRs to the project which is a requirement for us to be able to accept somebody.

Before you can be accepted as a contributor we expect you to write some code and link that work on your proposal.

You seem to have submitted your proposal under "Seamless desktop application updates" while the text is for "Improve plugin search and discoverability"

Maybe you should resubmit.

I have resubmitted. Sorry for my inconvenience.

but what about working on an issue, you are going to do this?

Yes sir definitely.

what are you working on at the moment?