Introducing Krishna Kumar

Hello Everyone,

I am Krishna Kumar, a Computer science undergrad at KIIT. I have experience with JS/TS with React. I have made some small Pull requests before. I am interested in the "Improve plugin search and discoverability" project and soon write a draft proposal for that. I have some doubts regarding the projects which I asked on Discord here, here Looking forward to work with the team this summer.



Hi there,
Welcome to the community.

May I ask you, if you want to review your declined PRs?
Your record on PRs could be improved.

thx & good luck

I would love to work on the declined PR again.

read the critics and understand where you have to improve, in particular in Desktop: Resolves #6254: Open details tag on Pdf Export by krishna8421 · Pull Request #6265 · laurent22/joplin (

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We didn't triage this issue you want to work on, and it's possible we simply won't do anything about it (sometimes we don't address certain issues when it requires too much work for little gain).

Instead you should try to look at the type of issues mentioned there: Pull request guidelines | Joplin


Just a quick question. We can send our proposal after 4th April, so should I fix an issue or focus and research on the project which I want to work on.

At this point it's best to work on one of the open issues.

Hi there,
you are doing?
Are you getting along well as the serious phase is about to start?
Any help required on how to read Joplin's codebase and how to fix an issue easily?

good luck

Thanks for checking out. I am getting familiar with the code base of Joplin and trying to use the APIs. I have an open PR, hoping it gets merged.

From 4th we can apply the proposal, I was trying with the Improve plugin search and discoverability project. For writing a proposal I want to clear some doubts, I have some questions in mind:

The current site is the /readme folder which is build and hosted with GitHub, but the plugin route seems to be a large project which can grow large as the number of plugins grows. So I was thinking of a react web app with dynamic routes for every plugin. Can I make it? Even if we make a static build we have to build it whenever a new plugin is added, I will fix it with react, as a new plugin is added the next second it can be visible to the user. As mentioned the whole project will be in typescript and GitHub Actions for CI/CD.

If I get something wrong or you want do to something different just let me know, this is just my opinion.

would you mind posting this in the #development? I would say it is likely that it will be answered better than here.
By the way I like your idea.

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Yes Sure, and Thanks

Hey, sorry to disturb you again

All the above can be done using the info from the plugin repo, in particular using manifests.json and stats.json. You would use this to implement the above functionalities. Moreover, the pages should be dynamically generated using a script and this should be integrated with CI.

This is written on the Idealist page. Does that mean the plugin route should also go under the joplin/ website repo ??

or it should be separately made, hosted, and mapped to the route

I Submitted my 1st Draft Proposal for GSoC. Wating for reviews and suggestions on more improvement