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Introduction @coderrsid

Hey people!
My name is Siddhant Sehgal and my age is 21 and i am currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science in MAIT, Rohini, New Delhi. I have more than 2 years of experience in web development and my real JAM is ReactJS. I would like to contribute to the Joplin app on all platforms and even it’s supporting apps and i would like to participate GSOC by submitting a proposal to one of the ideas.

Siddhant Sehgal

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are your are going to fix more issues.
There is a (single yet) concern that communication has not been best yet. Best you would prove otherwise by being active here and come up with some fixes


Sorry for being not so active recently. But sure i will be more active as there were some concerns on my part.


I did privately contact you in an attempt to find those out. If your concerns still exist, please reach out to either of us so we can help you through them. Without that kind of communication, we have no way to help you. Thanks

Hey @bedwardly-down, sorry at that time i didn’t know much about discourse but i saw them. Thanks for trying. I’ll be more active i promise.


just a remark, we are currently discussing currently your skills.
All what I can say, watch the details! You are given the impression that you are ignoring answers what the cause additional workload. Last indecent is your recent comment on GH


Sorry i wasn’t ignoring anyone’s answers but only trying to test the changes as laurent said because build is now fixed but as he i wasn’t getting any idea what to do more and i guess he doesn’t like me mentioning him so i was trying to figure out what to do. Sorry.

@PackElend i had a query that as laurent is busy in some other important work and hasn’t approved my proposal. What should i do? wait till the last date of submitting proposal or submit it now?

you can submit it at any time and edit whenever you like until the deadline, even the final one

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Thank you so much for telling, I’ll just wait for today for laurent to show some insights but if he couldn’t due to some prior engagements. I’ll submit it right away, and if hopefully it gets accepted, we can soon discuss the real implementation and more UI wireframes.

If you implement anything that could affect an entire platform or even all platforms, make sure that that’s what’s wanted. I saw your PR from yesterday and it does fix what was needed to be fixed according to the bug linked, but i got the impression from the original report that the fix was asked for on specific prompts and not all Desktop ones. That’s the core issue leading to the dev team having doubts.

Even though i may be a bit harsher than Pack with my feedback, I’d like to see your project be completed. I’d be willing to mentor you under the condition that you understand that I’m not going to be the best for the code side of things.


Hey @bedwardly-down, i am sorry to hear you feel that way it was a mistake on my side that i didn’t read it fully before implementation but i don’t think i’ll repeat this mistake and please don’t worry you won’t have to help me too much with the code, earlier i was new to the codebase now i’m getting the hang of it and i would love to complete this project with you as a mentor. Thank you so much.

I think I worded that wrong. I’m pushing to have your proposal accepted and would be more than willing to help you get it going as a project here. I also gave you feedback that ties into what Pack said prior. He’s nicer than I am with these things but we both bounce off of each other well here.

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Ohh damn okay i just got scared :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I know you’ve been helping me consistently through my journey till now and none of you been ever harsh but truthful and helping all the time. Thank you so much.

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