Introducing jyuvaraj03

Hello everyone!

I am Yuvaraj J. I'm an undergraduate student studying Computer Science and Engineering at SVCE, Chennai, India. I am excited to contribute to the Joplin project. I have forked the repo and have since been reading through the code.

I have quite some experience in Javascript, but still amateurish in ReactJS. The Search problem sparked some interest in me as it is somewhat a complex problem, and I would love to tackle such a challenge.

I have read through all the instructions given in the Live Blog and I'm looking for issues to solve. I have picked some issues to work on. But I kinda have a small doubt. Should the issues we solve now be directly related to the project we will be working on? For example, I want to work on the Search problem. Should the issues I solve now only focus on search related bugs/features, or could it be anything?

Looking forward to making some good contributions to the project :slight_smile:

You can find my github profile here: jyuvaraj03

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For now the issues you work on can be anything! What we want is for you to gain a good idea of how the parts of Joplin fit together, and we want to get an idea about your skill level in terms of using git and making pull requests.


Okay, thanks!

Definitely learning React Hooks for new components will go a long way. Welcome. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was looking for good-first-issues, but none of them seemed to catch my eye. So I went ahead and fixed an issue that was tagged bug. It was a bit difficult, but worth it since I went through a lot of files in the backend to figure out where the bug occurred.

Finally fixed the bug and submitted a PR (which is currently under review). Hope it gets merged!

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it was reviewed and waiting for your answers

I went through the review and made appropriate changes!

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I have a question. I have fixed an issue in this PR (which is currently open). Since then I have been looking for new issues to solve. But, all the interesting ones have already been taken by someone or are not at related to my project of interest. So, I’m currently just lurking through the code and figuring out how the rest of codebase works. But, to be honest it seems like a bad way to get to know the codebase.

What do you suggest I do here? Should I go through the code that is related to my proposal topic and come up with an actual solution for the proposal or should I try to solve things that aren’t related to my project of interest?

@jyuvaraj03, since you have an active PR still in progress and it looks like you’re getting delayed feedback on it, I’d wait on working on any new PRs and bug fixes for the time being until one of the dev team says otherwise. Instead, while you wait, I’d experiment with other parts of the code and maybe document your findings so that others can learn with you. That’s always useful here.

When i say experiment, i mean take the code and break it or start plugging in other things.

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it would help if you tell what these are? :slight_smile:

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I’m interested in the Search problem.
Have you thought to try to solve a sub issue of this issue yet?

Is that allowed? I thought we weren’t supposed to work on the issue until we got selected.

if it is only minor improvement, like fixing a little bug why not.
If this is more than just little fix than you may go for another issue.

@PackElend @bedwardly-down I have a question. I have successfully submitted a PR some time back. It was, I believe a big PR (~100 lines of code). I’m now trying to work on a couple of other issues.

I am also working on the first draft of my proposal. But, it is hard for me right now to focus on both fixing an issue and coming up with a good proposal draft.

I assure you that I will work on fixing issues after I send my first draft of the proposal. But, right now can I only focus on creating my proposal draft? Is my PR record good enough for you to assess me? Or should I definitely submit another PR before I send my proposal?

Also, how should I submit my proposal? As far as I understand from the live blog, I should post the whole proposal in the PM to the mentors. Am I right?

Honestly, Mic seemed to have a good experience with that PR. I’m cool with you working on your proposal completely right now. Just understand that the more complex your proposal the more likely you’ll need to make future PRs to prove you can handle what you’re going for.


I was actually working on this issue for quite some time now. I had to give up because I ran into so many problems. But, right now I think I found a way to deal with those. So, hopefully, I will submit a PR in some time. :sweat_smile:


Submitted my proposal draft! Waiting for it to get reviewed. Meanwhile, I'm gonna work on my PRs. :smiley:

@PackElend @bedwardly-down I have submitted my proposal in a PM to the mentors' group. I have also had a PR merged and another open PR. But my proposal has not been reviewed yet.

I've tried to follow every instruction in the live blog. But, I am a bit worried if I'm doing something wrong. Is my PR record not good enough? Or did my proposal miss something?

Please tell me if I should be doing anything different so that I can correct myself. Also, I am sorry if I disturbed you by mentioning. I'm a bit anxious at the moment about the proposal. :sweat_smile: