Introducing nishantwrp

Hey everyone,

I am Nishant Mittal, 3rd year undergraduate at IIT BHU. I am interested in contributing to Joplin in GSoC'21. I also successfully completed my GSoC'20 project with Oppia Foundation.

Before working on my proposal, I am looking forward to solve some basic issues to get more familiar with the codebase.



I've made a comment on this issue. Can some maintainer of the project please address if this is a valid issue and not intentional?

Desktop: Hide completed todos from search results by arpitg24 · Pull Request #4665 · laurent22/joplin (
was that you ?

Nope. My Github username is nishantwrp.

but it answers you question and tells you what to do if you still want to do it :slight_smile: