Introducing udaypb

Hi community, I am Uday and like many of you I am looking to participate in GSoC this summer. I am a graduate computer science student at Arizona State University, AZ, USA. I have experience developing applications using Node.JS and MySQL. I have worked on some computer vision projects and some deep learning projects. I believe a summer spent working on an innovative project for Joplin would be well worth it. Even more, Joplin is one of my favourite apps personally and my motivation to improve it comes from my own experience as a user.
There are a couple of features that I as a user would love to see in Joplin, like an improved search ( and an OCR (

Thinking about inclusion of everyone, I think there can be a need for alternative formats for the notes, which students with learning disabilities can utilize. For instance, I know a couple of students who feel it is easier for them to learn when they hear the content rather than just reading. So, text to audio can be one nice feature to have for notes that are difficult to understand.


Welcome, Uday. How’s the weather this time of year? Here in Texas, it’s definitely a bit hit or miss; last two days, the humidity has been something like 75% with no wind on Monday. Grrr.

If you haven’t done it already, please read the GSoC Live Blog at the top of the forums. It should help you get started. Other than that, feel free to reply here if you have any questions. I can’t wait to see what you bring to GSoC this year. :smile:

Thank you! The weather here is quite pleasant. It rained today but the wind keeps its pace.

I read the GSoC live blog and I am thinking through the possible outcomes of the ideas I am interested in. I will start discussing the idea under the development category once I have something concrete and convincing.
Will surely reach out if I stumble upon some questions. Can’t wait to collaborate and contribute!


I fixed the issue #2771 and submitted the PR with description about the improvement. Added note title length as 60 characters.

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I got a reply on this that this was not a required thing. Anyway, working on a feature request and will submit another PR soon. @PackElend how do I tag the PR to say its for GSoC? Thanks.

I do this, you mentioned me in the PR and aks me to do that

are we going to see any additional action of you on GitHub?

Hi @PackElend, Yes I am working on the PR. It may take some time though. Is it possible that I submit the proposal by March 30th but submit the PR by April 10th 2020?


proposal deadline is quite clear :wink:

10th is a bit late, a couple of days would be acceptable.
You can inform the community about your progress in #development, may you find some help there.
If your PR does not comply with our requirements it will be closed so all work for nothing. Try to keep the community updated, somehow

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there has been only one single but closed PR.
Are we going to see any other action?