Hiren - GSoC-2020 Introduction

Hey everyone at Joplin!

Greetings from India!

I’m Hiren, and I’m a Computer Engineering student at LDRP Institute of Technology and Research, Gandhinagar. I installed Joplin on my phone and laptop and it is a really good application.

I have some beginner-level experience of working with Node.Js, expressjs and MongoDB in Web Development and NLP. I’m currently working on a project for a state-level hackathon that I was selected for and a Sarcasm Detector project as my college project.

Here is the link to my GitHub: https://github.com/HirenMadhu

I was going through the ideas for GSoC and two ideas caught my eye.

  1. Support for multiple profiles
  2. OCR support

I believe I’m a fast learner and will complete the project if I’m selected for this. I’ll try solving good first-time issues from GitHub. I look forward to contributing to Joplin in GSoC.

Hiren Madhu

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Hi there,
time is moving forward and the deadline is closing in but we haven’t heard that much from you recently.
You are getting along with the code?
If you have any troubles don’t hesitate to ask around in the forum.

Don’t forget to watch/subscribe to the GSoC Live Blog to stay tuned.

good luck with GSoC