GSoC 2021 Results Announced

Thanks to the awesome joplin team for your guidance. Looking forward to have a great summer contributing to joplin.


Yes, thank you so much @Mentors for giving us the opportunity and selecting our proposals. We will leave no stones unturned. :smiley:


Care to share a link?

Link to?

The project list has now been published on Google website:

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A feature that will allow pasting special text into Joplin and have it converted to Markdown

This will be really cool. Hope it does tables.

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Yeah, actually it's my proposal and i hope it fulfils the purpose for the whole community.


Great! It's one of those things that people take for granted. I think it will be a big help to non-techy users. Thanks and good luck!

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Wow, that's super cool!

Hey, this is Ujjwal from this side. I want to contribute to the Joplin project this year in GSoC 2022. This is my first time in GSoC and I need some idea regarding how to write a good proposal. I think you are the right person to ask for help regarding this. Please reply asap so that I can begin writing the proposal.