GSoC2020 - Introduction to community

Hello everyone,
My name is Shreyans Jain and I am a third-year student at the National Institute of Technology Warangal, India. I have some experience with javascript and node.js and used them in building web applications. Since Joplin is based mostly on js this is a suitable project for me.
I am still looking for which idea to work on for GSoC. Please let me know what should I learn and how can I get started.
Thank You! :smile:

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Hi Shreyans,

Welcome here and thanks for your interest in the project! To get started please have a look at the gsoc page:

And if you have some questions please let us know.

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Shreyans, welcome. Despite being pretty new here myself, if you have any questions about where to look for different implementations in the code if you start hacking at it, feel free to ask. I’m currently mapping it out a bit while i study it for my own tasks here and am getting a pretty decent idea of how each component fits together. The code is fairly sensibly laid out and overall is filled with functions that are labeled well for what they do.

Thank You @laurent & @bedwardly-down
Actually I have never worked on a project this big, so I am having trouble understanding the code :sweat_smile:. I want to know what did you guys do to understand the large codebase.

@laurent is the main dev here and I’m a 31 year old nerd who loves puzzles, hasn’t done much dev work myself outside of just hacking here and there for over a decade now, and I work an old school job that requires lots of creativity in many things to make money. I just happened to come upon Joplin on pure chance and see lots of potential.

Whoops. I don’t think i answered your question. I just asked to be assigned a task on Github and dove right in. There’s no real guide for what’s what in the code outside of specs given for specific tasks but, using the search bar at the top and typing words related to what you’re looking for, that helped me figure out quite a bit. And then, once you get that down, a lot of figuring out how the Rendering and UI code is connected is by using the app and logically breaking down what each component is doing.



afterward you can pick one of Issues · laurent22/joplin · GitHub to

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It's great, we are happy to have you here :slight_smile: :smiley: :star_struck:


Thank you @PackElend

@bedwardly-down @laurent
I was trying to build the desktop app on Linux but couldn’t resolve this error. I followed and here is what I have done till now

  • Installed yarn v1.21.1
  • Installed node v13.7.0
  • Cloned Joplin
  • npm install && cd Tools && npm install inside my local repo
  • Now npm run copyLib is giving me this error npm ERR! missing script: copyLib

How can I resolve this, I read this Npm ERR! missing script: copyLib but since I am using node on other projects too I am not sure if uninstalling it will be okay…

Take care to run it from the base directory, not from Tools. If you’re in Tools, cd .., then try again.

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Thanks @mic704b

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If all else fails, make a powershell or bash shell script that will automate parts of the build process to save you time and headache. That’s what i did but it’s definitely not clean.

Hi there,
time is moving forward and the deadline is closing in but we haven’t heard that much from you recently.
You are getting along with the code?
If you have any troubles don’t hesitate to ask around in the forum

good luck with GSoC