Introducing YannyTwoo

Hey everyone,

I'm @YannyTwoo on GitHub(New acc) and an undergrad studying math and CS at BIT Mesra in India. I found Joplin off of my quest to find a GSoC project to be involved in. Having used a lot of note-taking apps to finally find "The One" I gave Joplin a run and enjoyed its clean interface. Really looking forward to improving its other aspects (I'm yet to go through the codebase and the Ideas List shows a 404 error but very excited about the app itself)
With context to the project, I am well versed in python, C++, javascript, HTML, CSS and node.js
Thank you



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Can you let me know which link you tried? I'll get it fixed.

The one on the website seems to work fine.

Oh, I was referring to the one on
GSoC's Joplin page in the post.

That is last year's page, Joplin has not been accepted for GSOC 2021 yet (nobody has). You can see the timeline here. You're a bit early, but it doesn't hurt to get to know the community :slight_smile:

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Hello Yanny!

You could also look for ideas on Any suggestions on what plugins could be created? thread to see if you could develop something already requested.

Anyway, welcome!


Ah yeah I'm familiar with the timeline, it's just that I found the application through that page. Apologies and thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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