Introducing Kailash | Project - Template Insertion Tool


I am Kailash, a final year student from India. I am an open-source enthusiast and have been a mentee in GSoC 2022. I have been using Joplin for a while and am eager to contribute for the Template insertion tool project.

I went through the project idea and understood that we need to insert templates into the text editor, using a shortcut. The project can be developed as a part of the existing application with the following flow:

  • When the user clicks on the shortcut, we can fetch the templates and display on the dialog box. * The dialog box will contain two sections - list of templates, and preview of the template.
  • The list can be sub-divided based on different categories and the preview section will allow the user to see the content of the template, before inserting it into the text editor.
  • We can also allow the user with an option to override the existing content during thr template insertion or add the template below the existing content into the editor.
  • Perhaps the most important part - inserting the template, will be handled individually for different editors.

Let me know if this appears to be a good approach to start with, so that I can further share the design of the dialog box. If there are any shortcomings, I am open to discussing and rectifying it.



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Hello, welcome here! We've actually removed this idea from the list. Where did you see this idea? Because it's possible I forgot to update something


I found the idea in the Joplin GSoC 2024 Idea List in GitHub Wiki. Adding the link to the project idea below.

gsoc/blob/main ->

We have to apologise, the idea is still valid and it is going to be added again.

Good luck, creating a proposal for it