Introducing Tawfiek

I am Tawfiek knowing at GitHub as tawfiek a senior student at the faculty of engineering and a software developer at spare payments company.
I am willing to participate in Joplin as a GSoC participant in one of those projects:

  • Template Plugin.
  • Real-Time Collaboration on a note.

Which I think those are the most projects fits my experience area.
I am currently trying to dig deeper into the code-base and architecture of the solution before starting writing my proposal about one of the projects.

@CalebJohn @roman_r_m



I am done setup my local development environment, and I tried to wrap my mind about the architecture off the desktop app.
I am now have a fair understanding about what is going on here, but I am wondering if you can help me to start understand the context of our problem in the project template plugin.
any issue or discussion related, which part of code should I start with to understand and mapping the solution or anything might help

Thanks in advance

You should start by picking an issue from the tracker and submitting PR for it.

I thought that it's better to start by understanding the area of my project to choose kinda related issue to enhance my experience and understanding of the project

You're free to choose any issue you'd like, just don't start working on the GSoC project just yet.