Introducing Shivesh

Hello, I am Shivesh, a first year student based in India. I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Engineering and am interested in building new stuff. I am writing this to introduce myself to the awesome community of developers as I am interested in GSOC'24.

The ideas from the list that interest me are:

  1. PDF Annotations: It's cool to create something like this.
  2. Template Insertion Tools: This idea feels very good to me, that if there are pre-built templates, it can improve the experience far better.

Also, I suggest another idea:

A real-time notes editing feature, or real-time code editor. There are not a lot of projects where fellow developers can come together and learn to code and improve their skills. Why, not create a real-time code editor, to take coding notes or creating cheat sheets with text formatting, recommendations, etc.

I have went through the Joplin codebase and understand pretty much about the stack and the things going on. I am really excited to contributing into it and become a part of the community which has developed it. I have worked on many projects with a variety of languages. My primary stack includes, React, Typescript/Javascript, Node. Apart from this, I have worked with Python (Django, Flask, Streamlit, etc.)

My Github Username: TheShiveshNetwork
My email: