Add custom shortcuts for sniplets

Hello Joplin community,

I like to request the ability to setup shortcuts to insert markup sniplets. This can be archived with Templates currently, but for fast typing this is a little bit of clicking.

Here an example:
I have this markup block to setup an kind of Note/Info box as a template. To insert this with CTRL+ALT+I and choosing the needed template out of the list works fine.

> ---
 **_<span style="color:green">NOTE</span>_**    

Just, I like to short cut this.

Would it be possible to keep the existing logic but also to assign a custom shortcut to templates. So that at the end e.g. CTRL+ALT+1 would directly insert the template?


and this is my preferred version would it be possible to have Joplin automatically replace a phrase with a template? Let's say I type $note and Jopline imedeately removes the $note and inserts the template?

What do you think of this ? Please comment or like.

Thanks a lot !

While the second idea is interesting (might need an additional shortcut to transform the keyword into the snippet), you can have workarounds, in the meantime, using softwares like AutoHotkey or CopyQ.

Inconveniences: additional software, learning curve.
Advantages: not limited to this software and to this usageā€¦

That's what I currently do:
on my liunx systems I use AutoKey
for my Mac I have not found a good tool
for the seldom used MS Windows I would use Autohotkey

But I dislike to maintain the shortcuts - so I hope to get it into Joplin and get it synced.