Mapping the notes with tags

I just discover Telescope and I hope such a tools wiil be soon available in Joplin.
A good example of numerous notes using statics pages is available here.
Have a look !

Telescope allows you to aggregate documentation in a non-hierarchical way. Unlike a wiki where everything is linked vertically, with Telescope, you link the records using keywords, which then allows you to generate a graph, in which it is possible to navigate without going through the tree structure of the notebooks.

While browsing the forum to find something like, I discovered this old post "Mind Map" in which psophos talks about Obsidian.
So, i try Obsidian with my Joplin notes. I got a graph, but showing the uggly file names wich are guid in Joplin :frowning:
I also find this post : "Link Map" as a similar feature request.

I'm sure if Telescope was properly integrated into Joplin it would be possible to have an even better note management tool. :slight_smile:

Something like this?

Very good
I did't use the right keywords :frowning:
The plugin developers are great ! :pray: