Obsidian-like links plugin?

Is it possible to create an Obsidian-like internal Markdown links plugin?

For example:

  1. The user type [[ in a note. It creates a dropdown list with all note names. The user starts typing note name (e.g. "plan for") and the list filtrated by the phrase "plan for". User chooses the right note from the list and type Enter. App change [[ on Markdown link with this chosen note.
  • if implementation with [[ monitoring is wasteful for resources, it might be changed on some shortcut, for example, "CTRL+SHIFT+M" which opens a dropdown menu for creating an internal Markdown link.
  1. Imagine the user has many notes related to the note "Plan for 2020Q4". But the note "Plan for 2020Q4" doesn't have any links to these notes. But the user can open the panel "Backwards links," which shows a list with all notes related to the current note. The user can press any note title from this list and go to a note with that name.
  • if there are any concerns about the additional button for "Backwards links," it might be changed on some shortcut, for example, "ALT+SHIFT+M."

It increases workflow tremendously. I noticed that one of the most distracting things with Joplin is the jumping between "hot" / "current" notes. The ability to insert Markdown links without leaving the note where links should be inserted would be beneficial. The same for the ability to open backwards links.

Not to mention that it is a very useful feature that is implemented into Roam, Obsidian, Notion and as I heard Nimbus team has this feature in their roadmap.


I think this feature will be very useful for better handling the two-side linked notes.

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I'd greatly value such a plugin. For my main use of Joplin (a Matuschak-style Evergreen Notes practice) this would save me quite a lot of costly mental load.

(The current approach to linking notes may not sound that difficult when you describe it, but it is a multistep process during which you have to remember a couple of things. When I'm in the middle of writing and decide I need to spin off a new note linked from the current one, remembering those things pushes whatever I was writing about out of my short term memory.)

This is an interesting idea, especially since this ux is less difficult to implement and it should be possible to implement it simply, I may implement it later in joplin-vscode-plugin.

The first [[ The reason I never implemented it is that

  1. it's a bit tricky to implement
  2. joplin's reference link is [](:/id) instead of [[]].

+1 on this idea, it's very essential as a knowledge management software.

I posted some of my ideas here. Maybe the existing linking system could be improved.